Developer Express is happy to announce a major new version of the XtraBars
Suite, our 100% C# toolbar, menu, and dock system built specifically for the
..NET Framework. XtraBars is packed with a myriad of features designed to
radically simplify the way in which you build navigation and form
customization capabilities and gives your applications the look and feel of
today's most modern applications - all without writing a single line of

XtraBars is all about options and giving you the control to build .NET
applications that suit your specific business needs.

- Do you prefer the look of Office 2000 vs XP - it's no problem.
- Do you like large buttons like Internet Explorer - it's no problem.
- Prefer "hot" customization versus standard customization - it's no
- Need to localize your application for different markets - it's no problem.
- Need to build MDI applications - it's no problem.
- Want to enable docking just like the VisualStudio.NET IDE - it's no
- Want full control all aspects of runtime customization - it's no problem.
- Need advanced data editors in your toolbars - it's no problem.
- Want a runtime customizable status bar - it's no problem.

Fact is, when it comes to toolbars, menus and docking, you have free reign
to build your best with the XtraBars Suite v2... We guarantee it!

To learn more about the XtraBars Suite, please visit us online at:

Total Control, Flexibility and Power
The Only No Limits Toolbar, Menu, and Docking System for Visual Studio .NET

The Developer Express Team