Pune, INDIA, January 29, 2002 -- Viklele Consulting has released VLPropertyList,
an advanced property browser activeX control for Window 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP.

VLPropertyList offers an elegant and intuitive interface to visualize and
manipulate a set of property-value pairs. The properties can be categorized
as per your requirements. Multi-level categorization and dual views (flat
as well as hierarchical) are supported. It provides built-in support for
loading a COM object's properties with just a single line of code.

Built-in value editors supported by the control include text, number, boolean,
value list, color selection, font selection, file selection, folder selection
and date selection editors. It even allows you to add your own 'in-place'
as well as 'dialog based' custom value editors.

By default the control automatically matches the color scheme of the desktop.
On the other hand, you can fully customize the appearance, color, font and
the text of various UI elements.

VLProeprtyList lets you add your custom validations. Its ability to incorporate
custom sorting is very useful when displaying non-English data.

Viklele Consulting, incorporated in April 2001, is a leading software component
solution provider based in Pune, India. Viklele Consulting prides itself
in offering "minimal plumbing" components for programmers. To learn more
about our products, please visit http://www.viklele.com/

Warm Regards
Viklele Consulting Team