WeOnlyDo! Inc. has released wodSSHTunnel ActiveX Component

It is server-type component that will add secure tunneling (based on SSH
protocol), also known as port forwarding and remote port forwarding
capabilities to your application. Based on your rules and definitions, it
will accept local connections, encrypt it and forward to SSH server (where
they will be decrypted and sent to destination host). SSH server is required
for this component to work - encryption will take place between local
computer (running wodSSHTunnel) and SSH server of your choice.

It can work in both sides - it can accept local connections and forward them
to the server, or can initiate connections towards local services when
notification is received from SSH server for 'remote port forwarding'
request - based on your previous request.

You can define any number of channels, and accept any number of users to
those channels - based on your rules. You can accept anyone - or just
yourself to use your tunnels. All defined with few simple properties and


For more information, please visit

If you want to grab a demo copy, feel free to click to

Kresimir Petric
WOD president