Spider SMS is the latest and best SMS system to date. Fully incorporating
features such as E-mail and SMS, it also links directly to 'CRM Global' the
complete communications control software.

Complete tracking ability means that you can always find where the message
is, track it and see whether the message has been read. With the unique feature
of 'Escalation' Spider SMS takes over the management of calls and escalation
routines from you. It removes the need to re-send the message because the
recipient has their phone off. Spider SMS will send your message to an alternative

The message can now be sent directly with no more queuing and waiting for
the network to send out the message. It is quick and simple and all the work
is done for you at 1/10th of the normal time. The message will arrive in
seconds, anywhere in the world.

For more information - http://www.energy-programming.com/sms/index.htm