Developer Express is happy to announce the immediate availability of the
ASPxNavigation Suite, our 100% C# component library written for ASP.NET and
the .NET Framework.
Engineered from the ground up to fully optimize the capabilities built into
Microsoft's .NET Framework, the ASPxNavigation Suite will help you design
web pages that are simpler to use, more intuitive, and easier to navigate.

Comprised of two distinct component libraries - the ASPxMenu and
ASPxNavBar - The ASPxNavigation Suite ships with full C# source code and is
the only product of its kind with built in Template support, giving you
total and uncompromising flexibility, Guaranteed!

ASPxNavigation Suite brings a full featured Windows UI to your browser.

Once you begin using the ASPxNavigation Suite in your ASP.NET projects, you
will instantly give your web applications an elegant and polished look and
feel AND extend your application's capabilities without hassles or
aggravation. Whether you want to incorporate advanced menu navigation into
your web page or a customizable navigation bar, the ASPxNavigation Suite has
a solution to address the needs of even the most demanding website.

Like the ASPxGrid, the ASPxNavigation Suite supports all major browsers,
including IE 4 and higher - Netscape Navigator 4 and higher - and Mozilla.

To learn more about the ASPxNavigation Suite, please visit us online at:

If you have questions or require additional assitance, please write to us

Best Wishes
Developer Express Inc.