Would you like to beta test a new, VB-like development environment?

REAL Software has released a public beta of REALbasic 5 for Windows, a
cross-platform, object-oriented BASIC development environment very similar
to Visual Basic. The language and environment are similar enough that you
can get up and running quickly.

With REALbasic for Windows you can compile stand-alone native applications
for Windows and Macintosh. Applications compiled for Windows require no
installer and no DLLs (eliminates DLL hassles).

REALbasic for Macintosh has been shipping since 1998 and cross-compiles for
Windows. REALbasic 5 is our new IDE for the Windows platform and
we are interested in getting feedback from Visual Basic users.

If you would like to beta test REALbasic 5 for Windows:

Download the current beta here:

Get your Beta demo key here:

To sign up for the Beta mailing list, send an email here:

Provide feedback (bug reports and feature requests) here:

Learn more about REALbasic (note this page is not yet updated for the
Windows release):

Thanks for your interest in REALbasic!