New version of StrongDisk Pro is the first product of new generation security
solutions by PhysTechSoft. Wide range of new features, optimized performance
and advanced reliability make StrongDisk Pro 3.0 one of the most powerful
solutions among professional on-the-fly encryption systems.
What is New in StrongDisk Pro 3.0

Support of the most proven and reliable encryption algorithms:
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) – USA government encryption standard,

GOST 28147-89 – Russian government encryption standard,
Blowfish with up to 448-bit keys,

Performance of StrongDisk Pro encryption technology has been appreciably
increased. Today it provides even faster encryption then previous version,
which was one the most efficient encryption product on the market.
Three-factor authentication using PKCS#11-compatible tokens and smart cards.
File keys also can be used as additional security measures.
Tokens and smart cards can work in private mode. It means that a Personal
Identification Number (PIN) must be entered to read or copy a secret code
from token or smart card.
The way of work with protected disks can be fully automated by using Automounting
disk’s technology. To mount the protected disk an appropriate token or smart
card should be connected.
User interface and documentation was improved noticeably. The First Launch
Wizard allows user to start working with StrongDisk Pro 3.0 immediately with
no references to documentation.

The trial-version of StrongDisk Pro 3.0 is available in Download section.