Hi All
I'm working on a application that is a laptop battery history tracker. I'm
using VB6.0 sp3 to write this. I started by using the Sysinfo control to
retrieve the battery data. But the problem that I encounter with this is
that if the MS Power Meter was not load in to the system tray with windows
the BatteryStatus property would return 128 no system battery and the BatteryLifePercent
retuns 255. So I changed to using the windows API GetSystemPowerStatus and
it returns the same data. BatteryFlag returns 128 no system battery and BatteryLifePercent
returns 255. If I load the power meter with windows and then close the power
meter or leave the power meter in the tray my application will work as programed.

So the Question is what am I not doing or what do I have to do to initialize
the Battery life percent and the battery flag ?
I would like to use a API call to get this to work.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Thank You Tom