I have to make a macro in Excel or in Powerpoint that makes charts from the
source data. For example, I have a database like this:

Male Female
Age 18-24 20 80
Age 25-30 15 75
Age 30-60 70 30

(It's just a sample). This is in Excel, and I would like to make a macro
that puts it into Powerpoint and make a pie chart or something. My problem
is: I record a macro in ppt and add a chart, type some data, change the
chart type. Then add a new slide, and run the macro. The macro adds a new
chart, but nothing else. Did not change the chart type or update the data.

What should I use, and how to solve this?

Somebody please help me 'cause I'm thinking about killing myself. I try to
solve this about half year.