Basically my goal in an code experiment that I am messing around with would
to be to extract the output of a text application running in a dos window
using the windows API. I already have something working using the DOS > redirection
operator, but I think the most "elegant" solution would be to use the windows
API and not have to create an intermediate file to capture the output.

After going through the various white papers, code snippets, and L.J. Johnson's
vb console application (VBPJ March 1998), I can dynamically create a console
window, write text out to it and receive user key input (using the AllocConsole(),
WriteConsole(), etc... APIs ). However I can not figure out how to "scrape"
static text outputed by a dos application in this console window.

If anyone knows of an API, or has done this and give me a quick hint. (I'm
not looking for a complete solution, I just need a quick hint to point me
in the right direction so I can puzzle it out myself and learn something
in the process)

Thanks in advance for any Input....

Chris Lutz