Thanks. datetimepicker looks most promising. Now does anyone have any code
snipsets to share regarding its use?
I need to get the date and time from my user not just the date. I also need
to restrict the dates that he can select. And, I am using VBA inside a third
party software product,
not full VB. Any help would be appreciated.

"Jim Pragit" <James.Pragit@BakerNet.com> wrote:
>How free form do you want it? VB provides IsDate and CDate functions.

>and CDate are very flexible and can handle (some) free form input. Test
>these to see if they can do what you want.
>As an alternative, you can use the Date/Time picker control instead of the
>InputBox function.
>- Jim
>"Tim Martin" <tpmartin@bigfoot.com> wrote:
>>Does anyone have a good date and time validation routine or technique they
>>would like to share?
>>When my user needs to add a record to the database, I need him to give

>>date and time for the record. I would like to be able to allow him to enter
>>the information from an inputbox that I open up in VBA when he clicks on
>>a button. This means that the user will be entering the date and time as
>>a string, sort of in a free format. Then the program will have to validate
>>what has been entered.