updating records with a multiuser program

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Thread: updating records with a multiuser program

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    Sooners Guest

    updating records with a multiuser program

    I want to know how to code a program to allow users to enter a record and
    it automatically update all other users program. I am using VB6 with Access
    97 and ADO. I am using comboboxes to access records, so it would be nice
    when a user clicks on the combobox the record another user has entered would
    be available in the box. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    D. Patrick Hoerter Guest

    Re: updating records with a multiuser program


    You could postpone loading the ComboBox until the DropDown event.

    Either that, or you'll have to do a scheduled refresh, or write some
    central data server that everybody hooks into.

    I have also heard of a new 'binding engine' in .NET, but the idea makes
    me want to vomit.

    D. Patrick Hoerter

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