MMC Snap-in sample

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Thread: MMC Snap-in sample

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    Master Carsten Guest

    MMC Snap-in sample

    Somebody could send me the sample source code of the "MMC Snap-in" article
    from the VBPJ of May ?
    If you have other samples with icons and nodes, I would be very happy.

    I can't change the icon in a listview and I have problem with the "Add" and
    "AddPreDefined" functions.
    For example, I have the following errors: "invalid argument" and "the specified
    item could not be found in the collection"


    Master Carsten

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    Mattias Sjögren Guest

    Re: MMC Snap-in sample

    >Somebody could send me the sample source code of the "MMC Snap-in" article
    >from the VBPJ of May ?

    You can get it from by entering VB0005 (I think)
    in the Locator+ field.


    Mattias Sjögren - mattiass @
    VB+ -
    CodeHound - Free VB Search Engine

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