"John Freestone" <john.freestone@idp.edu.au> wrote:
>I posted this a while ago and have had no reply. I have noticed that
>the class name for the VB6 ListView is ListView20WndClass. What do I
>need to do to get access to the Explorers SysListView32.
>Any ideas Karl?
>I am using VB6 on Windows95. I am attempting to rescue data from old
>software that has no export options at all. The closest I can get to the
>data is a list in a listview control (class name SysListView32).
>I want to read the text from that applications listview control. As a
>test I have been trying to read Explorer's directory list. I know the hWnd
>and can (as a test) set it's fullrowselect and turn on check boxes but when
>I send the
>LVM_GETITEMTEXT message, Explorer crashes.
>As a further note, if I do this call to a listview control on my project,

>works OK (I now know that there is a different class involved).
>I have tried many variations of the LV_ITEM structure that is being passed
>in this call but nothing works (unless it is to a VB listview control).
>Please Help.
>John Freestone

I have your exactly same problem. Please if anyone has the solution, give
it me too. Thanx.