Dear ian.
the Parameters requires for SetWindowPos(byval hwnd as long, byval hwndinsertafter
as long, byval x as long, byval y as long, byval cx as long , byval cy as
long, byval wflags as long)

Now tell me where to set this z axis....


"ian drake" wrote:
>Use the SetWindowPos API function with the Z axis set to -1 ...That should
>do it.
>Ian Drake
>"Deepak Adlakha" wrote:
>>Dear Sir/Mam.
>>I'm developing a software using vb6. That is too important for me to prove
>>my self. My Requirement in that software is :
>>----> I've a Form Size is just like a Title bar. I want that Irrespective
>>of any other application is opened My form should be always on top.
>>Please Help Me Out.
>>Waiting for the answer.
>>Thanks a lot.