Hi I'm looking for some feedback on any experiences with Visual Basic applications
and API calls running in all of the Windows environments.. i.e.: Windows
2000, Windows 95/98, Windows NT workstation 4.

For this application I am responsible for testing the deployment in all of
the Windows environments. So from the installation stage to actually running
the application on the clients machine. This application integrates the
MS Excel Server, the WinInet (to connect to an ftp server) and Entrust.
The installation tool that we will be using is Microsofts Install Sheild.

One of my concerns is that this application declares a whole slew of APIs
in a seperate BAS file. Most of them are not used throughout the APP.
-Does this have any effects on a Windows environment? Will this cause problems
in Windows NT workstation 4.?
-I am curious to know if the APIs are the same in Windows NT and Windows
95/98 and 2000.
-Since we are not using all of these APIs will it cause any overhead or bottlenecks?
-Is it recommended that we only declare those APIS that we are using?

Does anyone have any testing advice they can give me.

Thanks in advance
Toni Bisson