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Thread: VB vs Europe

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    VB vs Europe

    [Originally posted by Jay]

    Visual BASIC vs. Europe

    I need some advice from someone who lives in Europe and
    uses the European settings for numbers instead of the
    USA settings.

    As I understand it, the way the value Pi would be written
    in Europe would be as "3,1416"

    The way we write it in the USA is "3.1416"

    Europeans and Americans exchange the usage of the decimal
    and the comma characters when writing numbers.

    What I need to know is:

    Does a VB programmer in Europe write numbers in the VB
    source code using the European convention ?

    I had a problem with a scientific VB program compiled by a
    European person using the source code I uploaded to a VB
    web site.

    In my source code, all the numeric values and constants were
    written in the usual USA format, using decimals instead of
    commas according to the European convention he is accustomed
    to using there.

    He was getting mysterious errors that I couldn't seem to
    duplicate at my end using the same source code. I believe
    the numerical format may be the culprit causing the problems.

    Does this mean I have to change the source code that I provide
    to him into the European numerical convention, substituting
    commas for decimals, before I send it to him to compile on
    his computer which uses the international settings ?

    Since VB source code is actually a text file, I would assume
    that decimals would stay decimals instead of being converted
    into commas when he tries to compile my software code.

    Could anyone familiar with the way numerical computations are
    done in Europe using VB, please give me a little advice in this
    unexpected situation.

    I would like my numerical scientific computations to be able to
    compile on computers used in Europe as well as in the USA. If
    this requires a special version of the source code designed with
    European VB compilers in mind, then I'll have to plan accordingly.

    Until now, this has never occurred to me.



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    Re:VB vs Europe

    [Originally posted by FreeVBCode.com]

    I think you might find the code at <A HREF = 'http://www.freevbcode.com/ShowCode.Asp?ID=780'>http://www.freevbcode.com/ShowCode.Asp?ID=780</A> helpful. It allows conversion and display between values from different locales.

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    Aug 2004

    Re:Re:VB vs Europe

    [Originally posted by Jay]

    Thanks. I'll look it over.

    Whatever problem he was having, my program started working normally when he changed his regional settings to match the US.

    Prior to that he was getting division by zero errors and invalid date errors (but the program doesn't even use dates! - so that one is an oddity!)

    I just don't want to make it necessary for a European user to have to change his regional settings for my programs to compile properly over there.


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