Hi everyone,

Here's a problem that I can't figure out how to solve it:
If I have additional templates inside my XSL file, I can easily call them
by using <xsl:apply-templates/>
(example: template(1)
<xsl:apply-templates/> <!--here I call template(2)-->
where apply-templates calls another template(2)
<xsl:template match="DATA">
<SPAN>Some data</SPAN>
And everything works fine.

But if I take this template(2) to external file (just cut&paste) and try
to use
<xsl:include href="additional.xsl"/>, it just doesn't see it . I don't get
any error or warning. (even more, Microsoft's example under xsl:include doesn't

Maybe it is service pack that fixes that or?....I have msxml3 parser, IE5.5
If anyone knows the answer or have working example, I would appreciate it.