I am working on a site that uses xml data islands to provide a more flexible
user interface. Essentially, the content for a table is sent to the browser
as an xml data island and displayed doing a client-side transform so I can
do things like sort the table. The table content contains up to five images
for each row (i.e., a view, properties & delete image for each row).

Sample code:


<xml id="xmldocData">
.... some xml data ...
<xml id="xmldocTransform">
.... some xsl data ...

<script language="javascript">
function makeTable()
divTable.innerHTML =

<body onload="javascript: makeTable();" >
<div id="divTable"></div>


Everything was working great in development and testing. Then we deployed
and started seeing a problem with load times at a client's site.
Essentially, the images would load very slowly into the table. I think that
I have narrowed down the problem to the fact the client is using Microsoft
Proxy Server to provide internet access accross a WAN. The proxy server is
caching the images instead of the client, and it seems that IE is going all
the way back to the proxy server for each instance of each image rather than
once for each image (you can watch it downloading each one in the status
bar). Without the proxy, the images are cached locally and can be loaded
immediately. Also, if the transformation is done server-side (so the
transformed table's html is sent to the browser), each image is only
downloaded once and the page loads normally.

My question is this: Does anyone know how to coerce IE to process the page
so that it only downloads each image once when using the client-side

Michael Shutt

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