I am a student and I am leraning VB by myself. I have a problem. I don't
know how to use SEND & POST Window API functions. Will you please give me
the information about this topic more over please give the web site addresses
where I can get the required information. I am interested the that part of
the Send & Post of Window API functions that change the fornt end i.e. the
outlook of the window (just like Window Blind). I have a program that change
the Start Button Image. But there is a problem in it. It can't rebuild the
origional Start Button Image and secondly I want to change the other controls
of the Windows like Max, Min, Cancel, Buttons, Toolbar, etc. Kindly give
me suggestions as soon as possible. I will be waiting for your mail.
Muhammad Tariq.
email: tariq_fsd@hotmail.com