[Originally posted by Tawan Saykawlard]

Using the SSTab control with 2 tabs (0 and 1), I set the style property to 1 – ssStylePropertyPage. The problem with this is that the selected tab caption text is not displayed as bold.

I tried setting the font to bold first at design time, which didn’t work. Well, it did, in a way, but not what I expected. Then I tried it at run time (SSTabMyTab.Font.Bold = True), and that didn’t work either. Both ways would change the non-selected tab caption text to bold, which is the opposite of what I need.

I know that if I change the property to 0 – ssStyleTabbedDialog, the selected tab caption text is displayed in bold by default. I just don’t like the look and feel of Windows 3.1. Thanks in advance for any help.