detect cdrom status

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Thread: detect cdrom status

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    detect cdrom status

    [Originally posted by AhBoon]

    how do i detect whether my cdrom is opened or closed?? lets say my coding is

    if cdrom status is opened then
      close my cdrom
      open my cdrom

    how m i going to detect "cdrom status"?? thanks for help! ^_^

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    Re:detect cdrom status

    [Originally posted by Ryan]

    i dont think this is possible. you can tell whether a cd is in the drive or not but not if the door is closed or open. You can tell whether a disk is in the drive or not and by subclassing tell when the door is opened or closed. but there is no way to tell what state the cd drive door is in when your program starts. A workaround might be too close all the drive doors when your program starts so you know they are all closed and then detect when the drives are opened and closed. This is fairly complex code if you want it email me and i'll send it.

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