Dear sir(s)/madam(s),

We need all your help.

We are using Visual Basic 6.0 for our application development. We have
a problem in
printing jobs through our application. The files are sent to printer it will
in queues. Once when the printer if off, all the files in the queues gets
deleted. We
want to know the status of printer, with this status available we need to
retain the
printing jobs in the printing queue. Once when the printer is on, it has
to resume
with the order available in the printing queue.

More over we have written Printer routine using windows api.

i.e. In other words, How to enable the printing queue when the printer is

Please clarify if
there is any other function is avaiable to find out the above status ?.

And also let us know how to know if the printer is on
or off through scripting.

Our mail ID is An
early reply in this regard is highly appriciated.

Thanking You

with very best regards,