I got some problem. I would like to draw the symmetry X symbol. So
I used MoveToEx and LineTo. My code looks like this:

Dim m_Area as RECT
SetArea m_Area, 10, 10, 30, 30
MoveToEx hDC, m_Area.Left + 2, m_Area.Top + 2
LineTo hDC, m_Area.Right - 2, m_Area.Bottom - 2
MoveToEx hDC, m_Area.Left + 2, m_Area.Bottom - 2
LineTo hDC, m_Area.Right - 2, m_Area.Top + 2
The result would be the X symbol, a symmetry one. Unfortunately, I've never
got the symmetry one. The last line of drawing I have to set m_Area.Top
+ 2 to be m_Area.Top + 1. Even I used PolyPolyLine to draw, the result
is the same. I don't know why this gonna be happen. Who can explain to
me or I did anything wrong?

Thank you very much
Rattagarn V.