I am trying to print out a solid orange graphic. On top of the graphic I
want to print some text. This text will include user input, which can change
with each user. Using the PrintForm method works, using the form as a container
for the picture and a label for the text. I set the AutoRedraw to True for
the form and the picture. The only problem with this method, is that the
visible area on the screen is the only thing that gets printed. The effects
of using the PrintForm method is exactly what I am looking for, but with
the capability of resizing the form and picture.

If I print a graphic from a picture box and at the same time, print the text,
through code or using a label, there is a white box around the text.

If I print the picture and then put the paper back into the printer and print
the text, it works; but I do not want to have to print twice.

I have been working on this problem for months and am desperate at this point.
This is a very important step for my employer, so if anyone can help, it
will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Sharon Thomas