Here's my code (MS Access 97):

Sub imagetag()
On Error goto imagetag_err

Docmd.Opentable "table1", acNormal, acEdit

Dim x as integer
for x = 1 to 10

DoCmd.FindRecord "TO********", acStart, False, acDown, False,,False
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdCopy
DoCmd.GoToControl "Field21"
DOCmd.RunCommand acCmdPaste
DoCmd.GoToRecord ,, acNext
DoCmd.GoToControl "field1"

Next x

Exit sub

MsgBox Error$
Resume imagetag_exit

End Sub

My intention is to copy the first 10 characters (of 23) from field1 and paste
into field21.
I need it to repeat the process any number of times (e.g. 2500)
I thought that the above code would move to the next record and repeat the
find/copy/paste, but it
only does it for the first record then gives the following error:

The RunCommand Action was Cancelled
You used a method of the DoCmd object to carry out an action
in VB, but then clicked cancel in a dialog box.

I've also used a Do loop but get the same results. How do I get it
to do it 10X (or 2500X)? Thanks