I have a delicate problem that seems to be hard to solve...

In my application I need to return the actual file name for a Font Resource
file. So I use the Windows FileOpen Common Dialog, created via a wrapper
class from the ComDlg32. My problem is that this dialog simply refuses to
return any selection if the directory is the Windows Fonts directory e.g.
c:\Windows\Fonts or c:\WinNT\Fonts. It suits my purpose that the dialog for
this directory actually displays the “friendly names” instead of the true
file names. I have tried to hook the dialog to catch any useful message related
to the selection, but discovered that messages of some reason not are allowed
to “surface” when the font directory is selected.

The reason for using the FileOpen Dialog is that I need a file, not a Windows
Font Resource given by the ChooseFont dialog.

I appreciate all help given on this topic.