Does anyone know how to work with dial-up networking configuration in
Windows 98 without going through the usual Windows Explorer process?

Let me explain the background to this question. My Windows 98 system has a
bug in it where, when you use Internet Explorer to view files on a local
drive it crashes with an invalid page fault in SHELL32.DLL. I found a patch
with this description on Microsoft's site and installed it, but the problem
didn't go away. I didn't want to spend a couple of days reinstalling
Windows, drivers, applications, and all that so I got hold of a $30 Windows
Explorer clone (which works just fine) and I use Netscape to view files on
local drives (which also works just fine). The only hole in this solution
is that I can run dial-up networking connections but I can't configure them.
So if I go out of town, I won't be able to change it to dial 8 before the

If I had Windows 95 there wouldn't be a problem, because Win 95 stored DUN
configuration info in a file called Telephon.ini. This I could have hacked
with no problem. But Win 98 doesn't do it that way. So my question is, how
can I get to the DUN configuration? Registry? I'd appreciate any help you
could provide.