I am trying to use a list box to switch between databases. Everything works
fine when I choose a database within the listbox by using the mouse but when
it comes to using the up and down arrow keys it won't let me scroll it just
automatically loads the first database in the list.

Here is the code I have for on click event for the list box:

Private Sub lstSelecter_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_cmdLoad_Click
Const Max = 35

Dim Tables As Integer
Dim Value As Variant
Dim stDocName As String
Dim stLinkCriteria As String
stDocName = "Main_Menu"
DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria
Dim db As Database
Dim dbNew As Database
Dim tdf As TableDef
Dim Location As String
Dim Drive As String
Dim Year As String
Dim Farm As String
Dim Data As String
Dim Disk As String
Drive = lstSelecter.Column(1) & ":"
Year = lstSelecter.Column(2)

Farm = lstSelecter.Column(3)
Data = "ULTRAWIN_be.mdb"
Set db = CurrentDb()
Location = Drive & "\" & Year & "\" & Farm & "\" & Data
Disk = Drive & "\" & Year & "\" & Farm
On Error GoTo handler:
Value = SysCmd(acSysCmdInitMeter, "Loading" & " " & Farm, Max)
Tables = 1
For Each tdf In db.TableDefs
If tdf.Connect <> "" Then
If tdf.Connect <> "FoxPro 2.0;HDR=NO;IMEX=2;DATABASE=C:\ULTRAWIN\00\SAMPLE"
tdf.Connect = ";DATABASE=" & Location
Err.Number = 0
End If
End If
Tables = Tables + 1
Value = SysCmd(acSysCmdUpdateMeter, Tables)
Next tdf
ChDir Disk
Forms!Main_Menu.Form!lblDataDisk.Caption = "Data Disk is:" & " " & UCase(CurDir)
DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmLoad"
Value = SysCmd(acSysCmdRemoveMeter)
Exit Sub
Exit Sub


MsgBox Err.Description
MsgBox Err.Number

Resume Exit_cmdLoad_Click:
End Sub

Any Suggestions?