Tried writing a screen saver in VB6. Everything worked fine on a win95 pc,
but I have hit some problems when running on NT machine. The screen saver
is 'interactive' so processes key/mouse events rather than exiting back to
desktop, to stop the saver you click a corner button to close. The problems
I was looking for help on are as follows;

1) SystemParametersInfo was used to say screen saver was running that way
the system keys (ctlr_alt_del, alt_tab, etc) where ignored. This does not
work on NT, the MS site says you have use a lowlevel keyboard hook. The
article gives sample C code so if anyone has any idea on how to convert this
to vb???

2) Activating the screen saver from VB code using SendMessage works fine
for win95 but has a weird effect on NT. If I use a standard NT saver and
set password protection on then normal running would ask me my password,
but if I use;
Dim lngHWnd As Long
lngHWnd = GetDesktopWindow()
Call SendMessage(lngHWnd&, WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_SCREENSAVE, 0&)
This starts the saver but as soon as I press a key it goes back to desktop?!?

I need to demo this screen saver soon so any help is very appreciated!!!

Thanks Darren