I have an issue that I am hoping someone actually resolved (I have no luck!).

I am trying to access non-default Calendar folder with CDO 1.21. However,
as Microsoft stated, I cannot use AppointmentItem object to get ahold of
messages in the non-default Calendar folder. The messages in non-default
Calendar folder are returned as a type =3 (Message), not type=26 (Appointment)-
so I cannot use many of the properties for AppointmentItem. So, I am stuck
with .Fields property off of a Message. This is very limited as there are
no proptags for majority of the properties I need (.IsRecurring, .AllDay,
etc- all that I have with AppointmentItem object). At this point, I just
indexed everything in the Message.Fields, and that's how I am returning some
values, but cannot get all ( Message.Fields are returned randomly for each
Message in a Calendar, so my indexes change continually- cannot use set indexes
to get specific values).

Did anyone have a similar situation and how did they resolve the problem?

I cannot use Outlook object model (I am aware that I can solve my problem
easily with Outlook object model), because it is sooooo slow for my application
needs. CDO 1.21 is 3x faster getting the data. So I am stuck with CD0 1.21.

Any Help is greatly appreciated!!!!