I tried one of the recent issue's 101 VB tech tips (5 star tip): Find the
Assocated Executable. This tip creates a temp file with specified extension
name and uses FindExecutable API to locate the exe. Very disappointed with
the result, it can't find correct associations for vbg, frm, bas ...

I set break point there and double click on the temp file (0 size), then
I could get executable vb program running. However, the returning stirng
of FindExecutabl() is "C:\Program". How can I find associated executable
program with more reliable API or other method?

By the way, my OS is Win 2000 and VB 6.0. I also tried to investigate more
from file explorer. From association, I can find Actions of Make, Open and
RunProjectGroup. Make these give some clues?

David Chu