I bought the version 4.0 book several years ago and since that time it has
been gathering dust on my book shelf. I recently took it off the shelf and
started to re-read several of the chapters. Besides the fact that VB is able
to create normal Windows executeables (book only mentions p-code)the information
that I have read so far stil seems to be relevant (I'm only in chapter 3
page 64).

Can anyone give me some valid reasons why I might want to purchase a more
up-to-date Win32 API book? Did Dan Appleman add a lot of new material to
his version 6.0 book?

Btw, I think that I have an HTML version of the version 5.0 book somewhere.
Also, I don't plan on trying to learn about the .NET framework for at least
another year.

Any comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated.