Problem is - I'm calling VB program from Oracle Forms. The VB program is
used to send invoices/contracts thro' ms-exchange. This is quite ok, when
i run this program from my PC(NT).

Now, my application are being transferred to a Windows Terminal Server(WTS).
Here, i'm having outlook. While i try to send invoices/contracts thro' mail,
a small alert box is appearing as follows :
Then, the mail is successfully send. My problem is to elliminate this alert
box. Since my application users are very inconvnient with this.

What i have got from this is : Exchange profile is there on my PC. so, the
alert box asking username/domain/password didn't appear. Now there are no
profiles in WTS. Is this is correct ???
Also, no profiles are allowed to create in WTS.

My VB code in creating the session comes like this :

Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
mprofileinfo$ = "Sgps00ap34" & vbLf & profile_string$
objSession.Logon profile_string$, "", False, True, , True, mprofileinfo$

"Sgps00ap34" is the Exchange server name.
profile_string$ is having the Exchange profile name, say for eg, Jone.
My network id is Jone.

I don't know how to ignore this alert box asking username/domain/password.

I'm in the need and please help me with the solution at the earliest.

Thanks a lot