My application (VB6) uses the Rich Edit control to render text to a printer
(using SendMessage and EM_FORMATRANGE). Sometimes the text is printed onto
a shaded background, and the above technique works well as only the text
is rendered and not the back colour of the Rich Text Box. I guess that internally
the control may be doing something like SetBkMode hdc, TRANSPARENT.

It has become apparent that later versions of the MS Rich Edit Control behave
differently (certainly those shipped in 2000 and newer products). The same
SendMessage now prints the background too!

Is this a bug? How can I get around the problem?

I can't use the textout method as I'm working with rich text. I can't roll
back my customers Richedit dll's to a version that works! Can I somehow
set the text control to use a transparent background?

Thanks in advance.