I can use ShellExecute to set the look in path on the Find Files Dialog, but
I can't set it to either the "My Computer" item, or the "Local hard drives"
item. I tried passing it index values, CLSIDS, all manner of strings, i.e.
"C:\,D:\" "C:,D:" "(C:;D" "C:;D:" "Local hard drives" e.t.c e.t.c But
(obviously) I can't find the way....Any help may prevent hair loss - Thanks
heres the code im using (without decs as i'm sure you've all seen this before)

Debug.Print ShellExecute(Me.hwnd, _
"find", _
"(C:;D" & vbNullChar, _
vbNullString, _
vbNullString, _