I'm trying to add file associations to the registry within my program, how
do i do this?
I'm using .Amf files, which are basically encrypted text files that my
program generates. I tried adding .Amf to the Hkey_Classes_Root
then i put "AmfFile" as the (Default) value
i then added AmfFile to the Hkey_Classes_Root and added the following
Hkey_Classes_Root\AmfFile\Defaulticon (Default) was
the location of the icon
Hkey_Classes_Root\AmfFile\\Shell\Open\Command (Default) was the location
of my program

This did not seem to work, i have a feeling that windows stores the file
types somewhere else as well as i tried getting windows to associate the
files, then deleted the .amf and amffile keys from the registry, but windows
still knew the 'name' of my program which it had as the location of the
program (windows associated it this way).
How exactly do i solve my problem?

Also how would i create a shortcut to something. Eg: a .lnk file as the lnk
files seem to be encrypted or something?

James Abbott