I'm writing a key logger for a school assignment and have a few questions. I
originally thought that i could just monitor all the keys on the keyboard
using the API, there was an api command to check if a certain key has been
pushed, not sure what the name of that command was, i've got it written down
somewhere. Anyway, then I came up with an idea, I remember hearing once that
all the keystrokes are sent through a keyboard buffer or something like
that, well anyway i remember hearing that this buffer would have all these
keystrokes going through it and that there was some way to just read
straight out of this buffer to see what key was pushed. This would allow me
to run one function instead of 104 functions (assuming it's a 104 key
keyboard). Is this possible? if so, how exactly would i go about doing this
or where could i find information on doing this?

Any help would be appreciated

James Abbott