You might have seen “xdrive express” from or “ZipMagic” from
The former mount a virtual drive in windows explorer, where actually the
files reside somewhere at’s website however the users see them
in windows explorer and can work on the as if they are on the same computer.
ZipMagic compresses files in a folder and makes a (.zip) file, and then it
mounts them it a zip folder, so that the users see a (.zip) file as a folder
in windows explorer, and can work on them as any ordinary file or folder,
However the files actually remain in compressed form. Generally ZipMagic
keeps running in background and reside in the system tray, the users see
the the zip folder and files as long as ZipMagic s running , however when
it is closed the users can see the actual (.zip) files.
I wan to make an application, which could use similar technique, i,e, mount
a virtual folder.
The question is to mount a virtual file or folder in windows explorer and
how to manage that using VB, I think that would be possible only through
Windows API.