I am developing a database to include information about clubs, drink
specials, djs, etc.. that I would like to connect to an ASP page to put up
on a website.

Here is my problem:
I will would like to know how I need seperate tables to properly
organize this information. Here the fields I would like to include in
database, this is all the information that I have thus far(if you can think
of anything else, to properly link the tables together, please feel free
to add, thanks.):

venID = Venue Id(autonumber/primary key)
venName = Name of venue
venType = Type of venue it is i.e. club or bar
venLocation = Location of the venue
venPhone = Venue phone number
venCapacity = Capacity of venue

Ok, this is where I need help. I would like to list the nights of the
week a club/bar has drink specials, different deejays, special events,
'I would like to know how to list a weekly schedule for each venue in the
database, i.e. list <<Mondays>> specials for <<Club Dances>> is
<<$1 Coronas>>
(<< >> denotes dynamic data generated from the database)
sID = Night of the week (Mon, Tue, Wed...) (Primary Key)
'Can I use the night of the week as a primary key?
venID = (Foreign Key) linking the nights with the venue.
sCost = Cost of event
sSpecial = Drink special of the night
deejayID = Deejay of the night(from Deejay table)

I would also like to include a ratings section. I need to know how to
link the ratings to each venue.
venID = Venue receiving the ratings (Foreign key)
memberID = Member posting the comments
rateAtmosphere = Rating the venue atmosphere
rateSpecials = Rating the venue drink specials
rateDeejay = Rating the venue deejay
rateComments = Comments about the venue.

This table lists deejays and the venues and nights that he plays.
deejayID = Auto number
deejayName = Name of deejay
venID = Venue ID number (Should I include the venue name colum instead here?)
'What else do I need to include in this table. I need to link to the other
tables in some form or fashion.

There will also be a members section, so I would like to link the
comments to the member who entered them.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance