Several years ago we wrote a multi-user database app in vb3 that included
a function to use the Novell server date/time when new records are added.

Problem: The user is now using a Win2K server and wants the date from the
Server (The program defaults to the local time\date)

After researching the MS Time Server, it seems there is no simple way (code
samples, or vbx) available to access the NT Server from VB3 running on a
Win95 client.

We suggested using one of the Atomic clock web sites but they really want
to use the local server time.

My best fix so far is to run a 3rd party Time Server on the Win2k server
with the Catalyst software Time vbx. Not pretty but seems to work.

Does anyone know another option?

I just can't believe the 16 bit NetApi.dll does not support the NetRemoteTOD
function. And MS wants me to jump on the .Net bandwagon...