I just can't seem to be getting this right. I am not too sure about the index
of node.attributes or node.items etc.

I have this xml document that has the declaration, the xsl file attachment,
<tip id="1">
..there are many <tip>

What I want to do is for each <tip> check to see if <c>'s text is = to "two"
and if so then display all the first elements <a> and the id number as well.

I tried this:

dim node
dim nodes
dim child
dim x
set nodes = xmlDoc.selectNodes("tips/tip")
For each node in nodes

set child = node.childNodes
if child.item(2).text = Request.Form("titles") then
Response.Write "<tr><td>"&Node.item(0).text& "</td><td><input name='tipsheet'
value='Details' type='button' onClick='openWin("&node.attributes(1).text&")'></td></tr>"
end if


But it doesn't display the right stuff. First it doesn't support ITEM from
the IF statement. What else is there for me to use syntactically?
Is my syntax or index wrong?