Recently, we have got a business requirement to convert a product configurator
from dynamic server side ASP - querying a SQL dbase - to a configurator that
can run off a CD.

Perfect I thought a chance to use XML - bacause on the CD we can contsrain
the browser type & have full control over the client environement !

So far I have worked out how to dump out SQL data tables to XML files that
could be stored on the CD.
I have also worked out how to do simple scripting with the data - using data
islands etc.

However, I am now running at the limits of my understanding. Can anyone help?

To explain further, the website version of the product configurator currently
works like:

Option 1 = select a type of product. This is the core family of products
--user selects--
Option 2 = select an appropriate child option. Note: the choices available
here are constrained by the selection of option1
--user selects--
Option 3
user selects etc.

[Thus, in many ways it is like configuring a car - Volvo - estate - 2.4 diesel
- green etc. etc.]

In the online version we use form posting and active re-querying of the SQL
tables based on user input.

So, my question is how could I emulate this on the offline CD version.

Any pointers you can provide, links to sites that may explain how to do this
[with examples] would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks & happy Christmas

Stephen Anderson