My main goal:
To create a generic display box that can call a custom function when its

"OK" button is clicked. Basically, the idea is to allow a MsgBox type
window to appear while NOT blocking the thread's capability to process
events and whatnot.

My current solution:
Use the API call SetTimer to trigger a function I specify using the
"AddressOf" operator.

The process to kill the timer is sloppy and not gaurunteed to work 100%.
There is no way of including extra parameters with this technique.

Is there a way to call a VB function through API asychronously without
using this SetTimer? I assume there are other API calls that VB can use
its AddressOf function, I just can't find them. I'm sure it has something
to do with "Hooking"?

Any clues on how to set this up?