Here's a tough one (at least I think so).

I need to be able to use the mouse on a (very-large) mouse mat. This mouse
mat has to map to the entire screen co-ordinates. That is, I want to be able
to move the mouse (for example) 40 inches left to right and have the
on-screen cursor move from the left-hand side of the screen to the right.

I've tried quite a few ways (changing the mouse speed etc) but nothing seems
to be able to let me control the mouse in this way. The mouse always seems
bound to a very small area (suprisingly enough, the size of your average

Any ideas / suggestions ? People who have worked with the WinTab drivers in
the past may know what I'm going on about (I'm trying to emulate a wintab
device but using the mouse rather than a digitizer 'cursor').

I've a feeling that this might be accomplished with 'relative' mouse
movements but can still find no reference (either in MSDN or elsewhere) in
working with a mouse in this way.