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Hi All,

I've changed my reports over from a 'jet' provider to 'sql server' and my reports SEEM to be functioning normally.

HOWEVER, when I define the sqlserver and database

any report (datareports in VB) that uses the grouping tab in the dataenvironment command properties can't get rowset(s)

My code is:

Unload DataEnvironment1 '<------ I USE THIS TO REFRESH ALL THE REPORTS AT ONCE

DataEnvironment1.Connection1.ConnectionString = &quot;Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=&quot; & Dataentry.ServerName & &quot;;Initial Catalog=&quot; & Dataentry.DatabaseName & &quot;;User id=sa;Password=&quot;

If I don't use the second line, the reports work fine, it can't be the code variables, otherwise all the reports would fail.

What is going wrong??? is there another way to specify the sqlserver & database on the fly?

PS: is it possible in 'SQL Server 2K/MSDE 2K' to have 2 users concurrently connect to the server under the same username?


Chris B