was making a small dicctionary with vb6, for which i had to
make it possible to recognize a word displayed on other application's
cliente area when i move my mouse pointer over the word.
( for exameple if i position my mouse pointer over the word 'Love'
in a webpage's html text of my internet explorer my application must
know what the word is pointed.)

So.. i used WINDOWFROMPOINT Api Function to get the window handle and
used SENDMESSAGE(handle, WM_GETTEXT...) to get the text which is displayed
on the window pointed by the my mouse pointer.

Using the functions ... i found the fallowing problem:
Instead of reading a single word, the function SENDMESSAGE(handle, WM_GETTEXT...)

reads the whole text of the window and reads Only !!! textbox based object's
text so
it does NOT read the word displayed and pointed
on the web page of the intenet explorer.

Please help me and mail me. My e-mail is:

Thank you for reading my message.