Hi Bob --

If you mean the actual window (form), see WinRgn.zip at my site
<http://www.mvps.org/vb>. If you mean a control, see PolyBtn.zip (also my site).

Later... Karl

Bob Czys wrote in message <38ca7d2d$1@news.devx.com>...
>I would like to create window frames that are not a standard rectangular shape.
> For example, a window that is the shape of some object like a cell phone
>or automobile or a kidney shape, or something that is pointy or has a jagged
>shape. I have tried placing a gif with transparent background into a frame
>with no border, but this does not work. I remember seeing an artcle in VBPJ
>that sort of addressed this issue, but can't find it. Any help in finding
>this article or other sources of the info would be appreciated.
>Thank you for your help.