I was successfully validating an XML file against an XSD schema in VB6 using
v4 of MSXML parser. Then I tried to use v3 of the parse and got the following
error message:
Run-time error '-1072897791 (c00ce101)'
"Incorrect definition for the root element in schema"

The VB code is as follows:

Dim XMLDoc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument30
Dim oSC As New MSXML2.XMLSchemaCache30

oSC.Add "", "c:\xml\feeddata2201.xsd"

I get the error message when the line above is executed.

The beginning of the schema:
<xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
<xsd:element name="FeedData" type="FeedDataType"/>
<xsd:complexType name="FeedDataType">
<xsd:element name="Deals" type="DealsType"/>

Has anyone else had this error before? Anyone know what the problem is, I
think the schema is ok as it worked fine with v4 of the parser. Thanks for
any advice you can offer.