I'm trying to install a VB DLL component with a client package in a client
computers but I cann't install any client package in any computer I got the
follow message error : "Error registering COM+ Application. Contact your
support personnel for more information".
I need to install my bussines tier components in an application server computer
with W2000 Advanced server. I
compiled my DLL component with VB6 in a computer with W2000 Professional
after that, I copy the DLL file to server computer and add the DLL component
in the COM+ application option from component services. Then, I use the export
option for make the
package client (using the proxy option).
I cann't install this package client in any client computer. PLEASE!!! if
I'm wrong or i'm omitting something, please tell it to me. I don't know if
I require to establish user's privileges, security or previlegies user in
the client o server computers.

Thanks in advance.